December 14, 2008

Sunday Night -Black Lab Painting

WOW! This weekend went way too fast! Some progress was made, but even more is needed. Tonight's painting exhibits that classic dog head tilt. It's a 5x7" original oil of a grown black Lab on an orange background.

December 11, 2008

Thrashin' Thursday!

Got all those grades posted, and it's all good. Now time to clean up that studio and get some paint on those white canvasses. Time for some fun stuff....the weather is promising this weekend for long, cleansing and invigorating bicycle rides then hours at the easel. Tonight's little painting is that spunky little Yorki with his chew toy and red ball. Another 5x7" oil on canvas panel.

December 10, 2008

Finals Week-Wednesday Evening! Christmas Break Begins!

Yeah! Tonight is a frozen evening of a bright, full moon. The evening is very blue in color. I went for a brief walk after class, because the moon is so bright the evening beckoned me for a short walk. This was the last night of class...and everyone did well on their final. So I salute my students for studying and am excited to begin the Holiday. Tonight's offering is a little painting of a brown lab puppy named Sarge. Sarge is hanging out on the sidewalk.

December 9, 2008

Tuesday Night 's Pug -

This little pug in the aqua arm chair is this evening's offering. It is almost time for a frenzy of painting...I am getting excited. Time to clean up the studio in preparation. Tonight is a very cold night, and the eve of the last Final of the semester. Woohoo!

December 6, 2008

Saturday Stuff-

It was off to Fort Worth today to pickup a new framed pastel. WOW! It looks great. Milagros Gallery in Fort Worth does a great job, and they are slowly assisting me in re-framing important works in the Western Series. They framed Fireflies and Falling Stars, this month. It was a quick trip then back to the Studio. But I could not resist stopping by Asel Art Supply and picking up a few new canvasses - an early Merry Christmas to me. Now, that sunset on the way home was a special gift. It was one of those very special Texas Sunsets...sunsets like none other with our vast sky and long horizon. Okay, back to work...tonight's posting is one big boy Basset. It is a 5x7" Oil on Canvas Panel. Pretty soon it will be time to start the new Blog...the one about the Hot Air Balloons.

December 5, 2008

Friday Night Blues~

Tonight's offering is a Boxer boy on Blue. It's a 5x7" oil on canvas panel.

It's a tired night and it was a long week. Looking forward to the weekend....need to get up early and start painting. Also have to make a in Plano, or drive to Fort Worth gallery, pick up a framed painting...drop off another to be framed. Milagro's gallery with works much different from this Pets Tangent...I love working on the series, but I have so many more I want to do. I need to hurry. Paint faster. Work harder. Paint more.

December 2, 2008

Tuesday~Closing in on the end of the Semester

It's almost the end of the semester, and time to go into that insane elf-like trance of creating lots of NEW art work. The canvasses are stacked against the wall with care, so images will soon begin appearing there...Sorry. That is really lame. But everywhere people are talking in rhymes and sing song voices. Tonight's listing is from a Street Sale and it's a dalmation modeling his new cap. 5x7" Oil On Canvas Panel.

December 1, 2008

Just another Monday-

This was a good Monday. Brisk evening and a long walk, have just cleared my thinking and my thoughts. Tonight was a great sunset, followed by a more special moonset with two diamonds in the sky, Jupiter and Venus. They said we won't see this special alignment again until the year 2052. I felt compelled to make sure I took in the vista tonight. Tonight's posting is a poser white Chihuahua with his ears tucked back, and showing his little teeth. A painting and a pose only a mother or his human, can love. Unique Original, 5x7" Oil on Canvas Panel.