June 29, 2009

Monday, Monday & the Cows - Western Works

Quick Post tonight! A 5x7" study of the cows in the pasture, waiting for their feed.

June 27, 2009

Draft Horses on a Saturday Night

A lovely shade of blue makes these two Draft Horses really stand out. An 8x10" original Oil and nearing the end of the Western Series. Until the new beginnings, at least.

June 26, 2009

Texas on Friday Evening

The temperature is much too high. I think they said it was 109 degrees with the Heat Index. I believe it. We look forward to the Sunset here. Tonight's work is the daytime compliment to the day before. Another 20x30" Pastel.

June 25, 2009

Texas Work on Thursday Evening

Long day at the Office. I need to get back in the mode of belly up to the Easel as soon as dinner is done. Otherwise, the minutes just flitter away. Tonight's post is a 20 x 30" Pastel on illustration board of a Cowboy and the Texas Flag. It's a little bit experimental, and I could probably push it a lot further.

June 24, 2009

Where Have I Been on Western Wednesday?

Time goes by so quickly. Tonight's painting is a large pastel rendering from the Fort Worth Stock Exchange. So happy the week is winding down. It's been a busy one. I am looking forward to getting more new works done quickly. So far, so good, too.

June 21, 2009

Steamy Stewing Sunday-and Western Painting

I could have sworn I posted the last couple of days. Don't get it, usually don't miss 2 in a row. Alas. Such is the hot, fast-paced world. They say it is peaking HOT at 3 digit's today. Good ole Texas. I'll hang out in my cozy studio today. It sure needs some cleaning though. Today is Father's Day, albeit it is a quiet one. A very good day for a Siesta in the heat of the day. Play in the extreme early mornings before sunrise, and in the late evenings when the weather starts getting this way. This is how we survive. I worry about the young ones out there in the heat of the day without enough sunscreen. The consequences are not kind....so apply generous doses of sunscreen.
My goals this week are-
1. finish my ARRMP (After Retirement Art Marketing Plan)
2. Finish the Boxer Dog Portrait Commission
3. Inquire about another Fallen Soldier Tribute Painting
4. Get rolling on the Two Sisters portraits
5. Begin to review the requirements for applying for a grant for my idea for the next series I really want to complete in this lifetime. Called the "Family" Series. It will be an awesome biography and Life Testament...but not necessarily something that will sell, so almost have to land a Grant to be able to survive. Either that or I have to keep working at the 8-5, and the Series will come together so much slower.
6. Layout the next works in the "Quitaque Ladies" Series.

Going to be an ambitious week. Tonight's posting- well, was looking for something suitable for Father's Day in the Western Series, but most that were suitable have already run. Reckon it will be a little cowboy, that will have to grow into the role. An oil on 5x7" canvas panel.

June 18, 2009

Thursday Evening Western Works

Yeah. Tomorrow is my favorite day. It will be a busy one at the salt mine, and it will therefore go by quickly. Then there is an Opening of a friend of mine's, and then work to be done in the Studio. Saturday the plan is to take some work out at Mecca on Main and paint there for a while. Maybe wrap up those commissions. Then on the way home, do a little "shopping" for some Father's Day gifts. Which reminds me I should get busy tonight and get a card in the mail.
Tonight's painting is a small 5x7" Oil rendering titled "Two Cowboys at the Fair". It is what it is.

June 17, 2009

Wednesday Evening Westerns

Yep, it's a certainty - I do not have the energy I used to have. But getting things done is motivating, so I keep on keeping on. Note to self: Making a list of the things to do when I do get a few days off and catch up. Second note to self- I've found the tribute paintings for Fallen Soldiers, are a good thing to do. I'm thinking it would be a good idea to also research and gently approach my nephews about doing tribute paintings for the Fire Department. Tonight's Western Work is a small oil painting on wooden panel of a classic Orange Longhorn. You can feel the heat of the Texas sun in this rendering.

June 16, 2009

Late on Tuesday Evening

By now you know exhaustion is my common complaint. I'm tired, but not too tired for a quick post...another bright pastel of a Cynthia Parker descendant.

June 15, 2009

More Western Works-

Hey, I have several commissions going on. I have been doing a bit of schmoozing and visiting with folks and I've also begun to work as a "tribute" artist, rendering oil paintings of fallen soldiers. The next works are two little girls, then a boxer, then a golden retriever. This is fun, I'd like to do this full time very soon. I visited a friend in her "Summer Studio" where she is doing "Hot Art". Her studio is awesome and I expect great large works being generated from there this summer.
I also hung out at a kind of Art Event on Saturday at Mecca on Main. It is coming along nicely, with a warm and inviting ambiance. Just painting and visiting, and now they have added a little sandwich venue.
Tonight's painting is loosely painted 8x10" Oil rendering of a family Trail Ride. I am not pleased with the aspen tree splitting the painting. But it happens. I wish I was there right now.

June 12, 2009

Westerns on the Weekend

Quick post. It is already the weekend and I have a ton of things to do! Tonight's posting is a 36 x 48" oil painting of the parade in Crowell, Texas and the Santa Rosa Rider's.

June 10, 2009

Wednesday Evening Westerns

Losing track of time here. But I promise I have not yet placed the keys in the refrigerator. Spectacular storms here tonight, then awesome evening images. But 5am comes really early so we shan't get much done tonight. A quick post for the Western Series. This is one of my most favorite images over the years. A pastel of a young cowboy with a snowcone, thus the title "SnowCone Cowboy".

June 9, 2009

More Westerns on Monday Evening

Great, long weekend. Got to go for another great day of sailing and got some new paintings started. Portrait Commissions are now under way. Life is rocking and rolling on along. This is a large Oil Painting on Canvas of the Pueblo in Taos, New Mexico. A strong thunderhead is creeping up on the horizon.

June 5, 2009

Western Works and the Weekend

Woah. Tired tonight. So this will be a quick posting of one of my favorite works. 3 women, three friends. The title of this pastel is lyrical, "Fireflies and Falling Stars". This image is also available as a Giclee Print. Contact me at lin@studiointheback.com for more information.

June 4, 2009

Thursday Night believe it!

Tonight was my dear, dear friend...Kathy...it was her birthday celebration. The big SIX OH no...Can you believe it? And tonight's favorite posting of a pastel on board, the decedents of Quanah Parker pastels continue.

June 2, 2009

Western Series Begins tonight, Tuesday Evening

I believe it is time to start the Western Series. Still rising at 4am, realigning my bionic schedule. No more 3 am nights for me. Life improves. This is a painting of a descendant of Quanah Parker, and it is titled "Teal Dancer". It is a 20x30" pastel rendering on illustration board.

June 1, 2009

One final Hot Air Balloon on Monday Evening

Haven't I told you how much I hate Monday's? I find them challenging days. I think I am going to have to work out a way to deal with them and make an attitude adjustment. I need to LIKE Monday's. They need to become the beginning. They need to be that ONE STEP CLOSER to a goal. Tonight's rendering is the last new Hot Air Balloon. An Oil painting on wooden panel.