September 10, 2009

I've been taking a little break, or have I been a bit too lazy? Sometimes I wonder why I do not get as much done as I used to. It seems like the world has accelerated forward and I have moving slowly backwards. It is disappointing, but I will keep trying- just like in morning Boot Camp, I try to get a wee bit faster daily, just a little bit of an acceleration helps. Life is very busy, there are events occurring every weekend now until November. How could that be? Then there is teaching, and that infamous day job. Pending events are new exhibits...this weekend at Milagros, I have gathered all of those Hot Air Balloon Painting. Then there is the Exhibition Opportunity at the Fort Worth Arts Center in October- I think a few pieces from the Bench series will work nicely there. And finally, in November- it is time for another exhibit at the Farmers and Merchants Gallery in Pilot Point. This will be the newest works- the "Quitaque Gals of Caprock Canyon". Tonight's hosted painting is one of the most recent works from this series.

September 3, 2009

Beaver Tail Lighthouse

Really, that was its name. It was beautiful, on a little island while I worked up the nerve to drive over a big, scary bridge. An outstanding little diversion, all quite by accident. Painted as Oil on a canvas panel.

September 2, 2009

Blue Trees Thursday

Went out of town, got back tired and worn out, but mentally rested. So tonight will be another rapid post. A pastel rendering of the Blue Trees.