June 20, 2010

Another Day without You-

The Teresa Carol Kennedy Memorial

In Honor of Teresa Carol Kennedy

A Memory-

It was Teresa’s first visit to the Palliative Care Unit at Harris Methodist. She was in so much pain, and this visit was to help her get a handle on the pain, and help control it. The first night I stayed with her, she wanted to shower. We tried that, but it was a frightening experience as it was hard for her to stand, and even more challenging to maneuver a shower chair. The second night, her compassionate nurse Jennifer asked if we were familiar with the bathing room. She took both of us over to see it, and Terri said “sure, I am game…let’s try it”. The bathing room in the Palliative Unit at Harris is quite a jewel for those suffering and in pain. It is a respite. The nursing staff assists the patient prepare for their bathing experience with dignity and draping, they help the patient recline on a lift, the lift is raised and the jetted tub rises to submerge the patient. The raised tub allows good ergonomics for those assisting with the bath.

Once Teresa was submerged in bubbles, she said “Wow, now what do I do?” The staff chuckled and told her to relax and enjoy her bath. She quipped back, “All we need are some candles and some music.” Jennifer went and got her i-pod and tiny speakers and set it up for Terri. She enjoyed it, but when Jennifer left the room Teresa said flatly, “This place really needs a sound system.”

That event inspires this event:

A Memoriam in the name of Teresa Carol Kennedy has been set up at Texas Health Harris Methodist Foundation to fund a sound system in their bathing room.

Contact is Laura McWhorter, at 817-317-5235. lauramcwhorter@texashealth.org
Donations may be made to: Texas Health Harris Methodist Foundation
6100 Western Place
Suite 1001
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Indicate that the donation is to benefit the Teresa Carol Kennedy Memoriam-the sound system in the bathing Unit at the Palliative Unit in Fort Worth.

Online donations may be made at:


Select the support us button, find the dialogue box labeled:
Designate my gift to the following fund or project: Indicate the Palliative Bathing Room Sound System (Fort Worth)
Find the dialogue box labeled: In memory of : Indicate Teresa Carol Kennedy

Thank You, Teresa will be honored.